Hurricane Isaac was a shit show, y’all

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So the day before the hurricane is THE MOST BEAUTIFUL DAY EVER to be out at the Lake Front. Even though the Mayor doesn’t want you to do that.

So you may have watched my #isaac video diaries pt. 1 and 2 and may wonder “where’s part 3 where you’re on day 4 with no electricity and you’re crying and want to kill everyone!?” Well that doesn’t exist. Partially because I was without power and partially because my hair looked TERRIBLE.

By day 3 with no power, we were hot, hungry and angry. I think Lau and I broke up like 3 times. Luckily she’s better built for end times than I am and stayed calm-ish. I got in fights with my mom and best friend and cried all day. It was really terrible.

So Hurricane Isaac basically SAT on top of New Orleans for an entire day. I could have walked faster than it moved. Literally, that’s a scientific fact, y’all.

It’s really easy to complain about everything that went down and how EFFING LONG it took for Entergy to get everyone’s power back on but it’s probably more important to talk about what we learned. So here ya go:

Strategy for sleeping in 100 degree room with windows that don’t open:
(do this in emergencies only)
1. Get naked
2. Dump cold water from ice chest on hair and body
3. Spray layer of biofreeze on arms, legs, back and stomach
4. Take 3 Benadryls
5.  Take 2 shots
6. Think happy thoughts, lay on back, sleep

Lauren’s top tips for surviving hurricanes:¬†
1. Buy more wine. More than that.
2. Family size bottles of Benadryl are a must
3. Biofreeze doesn’t cool everyone off (editor’s note: I don’t think she really gave it a chance)
4. Make sure at least one person stays calm
5. Have an SUV so you can leave as much as possible
6. Just buy ice
7. Fuck the food in the fridge
* items 8 and 9 were censored for potentially inappropriate/offensive content (but are still really good tips so you can ask me for those via text or email)

Photos from our trip to the Lakefront post – Isaac:

yep, that’s a bench. sitting in the road.



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