Purple Hair // Don’t Care

By August 20, 2012things I did

The other night I went to a lesbian meetup called “Deep Lez” which is an entirely different story for another day.

At said event, I met Katie who has great hair and actually does hair and I’m like FINALLYYYYY – I’ve been looking for a lesbian hair stylist for a billion years. This is Katie:

So I made an appointment and we very casually decided to add purple to my hair – because WHY THE FUCK NOT!?

If there was ever a time to do this – it’s now. Here’s why:

  • I’m 26 (purple hair is completely inappropriate between the ages of 28 and 62 – after that it’s okay again)
  • I’m self-employed and running my own company (which means no one gets to tell me what I can and can’t do with my hair)
  • My sister is getting married in March (so I’ve got to look as “normal” as possible by December-ish which is already a challenge)


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