Re-prioritizing: putting yoga (and health in general) first

By October 23, 2012goals

The Plan: to integrate at least three yoga classes per week into my schedule

The Challenge: it’s REALLY hard to wake up early in the morning and with all the random events (especially with holidays coming up) it’s almost impossible to stick to an evening routine.

Target Solution: 2 parts: 1 – accountability via the buddy system. 2 – schedule classes the same way I schedule client meetings.

So here’s my goals for the rest of October through November:

Tuesday @ 6:30 a.m. – MYSORE Ashtanga @ Balance Yoga + Wellness in Mid City w/ Mykl

Mykl has agreed to pick me up on his way to the studio so I HAVE to get out of bed. He practices longer than I do because he’s very advanced, so once I’m done, I’ll walk back to my house. Double exercise points!

Thursday @ noon: Lunch Flow @ Life Yoga Studio Uptown w/ Margarita

Margarita and I have been trying to set a recurring weekly hangout, so we’ve agreed to do Thursday noon yoga followed by healthy lunch that we take turns preparing. I’ve got a standing uptown Thursday afternoon meeting so this works out well time wise.

Friday @ noon: Power Hour @ Reyn Studio in the CBD (solo)
Fridays I work from my office at Launch Pad in the CBD and Reyn studio is right next door. Bonus: Launch Pad has a shower/sauna situation so I can get fresh before any afternoon meetings I might have.

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