Aside from being a sassy, sweet talking, loud stomper – I also work with solo and small firm attorneys to launch their online marketing strategies. My company is called Conversations Digital:

It’s a “social media” company, but to be honest – the words “social media” kind of make me want to gag at this point. And I do MUCH more than that for my clients, and my own budding projects.

As you can imagine, it’s hard enough going back to my small Cajun hometown (population <1,000) and explaining that I actually DO have a job – and that I work in “social media” or “internet marketing strategy,” ::cue eye glaze::  but it’s even worse when I’m here in New Orleans, an entrepreneurial tech hub, and someone at a party asks “So what do you do?”

Sometimes I find myself getting bored with the explanation. Because THERE’S JUST NO ELEVATOR PITCH FOR ALL THE AWESOME SHIT I DO, OKAY!?

So if I had to say “this is what I do,” it would be in a bulleted list (like the one below), not a self-important tagline like “I revolutionize small business models with innovative online marketing techniques.” Ew.



Here’s What I Actually Do

  • Help create new social media positions for organizations and businesses
  • Assist in the filtering and hiring of new social media positions
  • Blog like crazy (for my clients, not myself, clearly)
  • Look at Google Analytics A LOT and come up with brilliant, game changing marketing ideas based on those analytics
  • Lecture at local universities
  • Speak at webinars
  • Help people create new websites with nice clean design based on conversions and goals
  • Drink lots of coffee
  • Live tweet events like TribeCon
  • Consult startups, one on one, on how to improve their digital strategy
  • Hang out with our dog, Roux, while working on my computer at home
  • Hang out with the coolest/best people in the world while working on my computer at LaunchPad
  • Set up event listings online and promote them on behalf of my clients
  • Tweet, a lot
  • Facebook, a lot
  • Do bits of SEO magic here and there
  • Give hugs instead of handshakes