Turning 28

By June 2, 2014goals

Last month I turned 28.megan hargroder birthday dinner at raoul's

I see birthdays as my own “new year” and usually make a few resolutions and goals for the upcoming year…

28 will be my most ambitious year so far.


1. Double last year’s income for my Social Media and SEO Company (Conversations, LLC), based here in New Orleans

2. Successfully launch my 2 new companies: Nola Essentials and Our Social Tribune (technically they are “launched” but so far not promoted or built out as much as I’d like them to be)

3. Become a Certified Aromatherapist

4. Dress more profesh (not like BORING profesh, but like – “hey, that broad has her shit together” profesh)

5. Focus on what MATTERS (i.e. not get bogged down with the small stuff, i.e. keep my eye on the ball, i.e. spend time doing what I care about most)

And I’m also committing to doing A LOT more blogging.

So, over the next 5 weeks, I’ll be outlining each goal in greater detail as well as talking about progress and how I’m going to make it happen.

I’d love any feedback or tips on ways that you’ve found effective to hold yourself accountable to your own goals! You can leave those in the comments below:

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