How are you going to make 2017 your BEST YEAR YET?

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Way back in 2010 when the internet was still weird, I posted an overambitious blog post about my New Year’s Resolutions.

Although I didn’t check everything off of the list, I did feel accountable once it was out there.

2010 also happened to be the year I started my company, Conversations, so I’ve always reflected on this post as “the very beginning” of building the life and career that I wanted – one positive step at a time. 

This year, instead of outlining my own resolutions, I talked to some of the people who inspire me the most and found out what they’ve got planned for the upcoming year….


Aileen Bennett, Speaker, Communication Consultant, Author

So far my plans are twofold : To Do Good Work, and to Do Good.

Do Good Work: I’m proud of the work I’ve done this year, and the companies I’ve helped so I want to continue that. I plan to do the best work of my career.

Do Good: I’m setting up a new company that produces paper goods (to start) that gives at least 23% of the profits (sometimes more) to arts & community projects. It’s going to be called Two&21 (the two letters in the alphabet that correspond to B and U (Be you).


Ginevra Kirkland, Writer, Community Whisperer, Entrepreneur

Revolutions, not resolutions!

I’m going to stop using words I don’t mean and be more impeccable with how I address people “Just,” “I’m so bad at this,” “sorry,” and the worst one of all: “I think.”


Michael Schexnayder, Entrepreneur and founder of The Money Gun

  • Learn Spanish
  • Learn Dutch
  • Stop procrastinating
  • Focus more on my business
  • Start another business
  • Work a lot less


Lexlee Overton, Intuitive Energy Healer

I took a few minutes and thought about the things which when I do them cost me dearly by being huge drains of energy. And I am simply making a commitment (as much as possible) to no longer do things that zap my energy and take a considerable amount of time to recharge.

Here’s few items on my “No Longer Doing It”  list:

  1. Using email/phone, ipad/computer after arriving home
  2. Working weekends
  3. Late night flights
  4. Listening to or participating in conversations which are negative, judgemental or critical about others


Ernie Svenson, Author & Founder of Small Firm Bootcamp

I plan to list 10 things that I want to accomplish in 2017, and then describe the actions that lead to those goals.

I will sign up for Michael Hyatt’s BYE course and do all the exercises.

That’s how I hit my marks in 2016.


Megan Bologna, Fitness Guru and Personal Trainer

For me, 2017 will be all about personal growth.

Between having my daughter 2 years ago and running my business every day 24/7, I haven’t focused on myself or taken care of myself like I should. Being a fitness professional, I have maintained exercise and healthy eating, but I’m talking about mental and spiritual growth in 2017. I have already started by finding a women’s center that focuses on growth, healing and positive surroundings and I will be attending my first class on Friday!


Lynn Casper, Founder of Homoground

By visualizing lots of $$$

I currently work a fulltime gig with a set salary and realize that it is currently impossible for me to accomplish my financial goals (paying off credit card & dental debt) while still having money leftover for saving & spending. By visualizing all the ways I can use my skills and current projects to bring in more cash flow, I’ve gained confidence in my abilities to make this happen. Now I have 2 new clients and have set up new systems for my current projects so that I can be more organized and productive. I was never a morning person, but now before bed I visualize how my morning will be and what my life will be like once I accomplish the goals I set for myself to provide motivation to rise and SHINE!

Got big plans of your own for 2017?

Add them to the comments below!

Choose a pace, and stick with it…

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I had a work/life realization last week that came about in a super unexpected way…

It was Saturday, and the weather was nice.

I was spending the whole day with a good friend I don’t see enough of, and we stopped at my favorite wine bar for early afternoon drinks.

Apparently I wasn’t the only one with this idea…

Typically, the wine bar is pretty empty early afternoon, but on this day it was packed – and only one person working in the entire shop.

Everyone “needed” her full attention.

When the crowd cleared, she circled back to where we were sitting, and I said something along the lines of:

“That was really frantic…your head must be spinning…”

Her reply stuck with me:

“You know, I just decided on a comfortable pace and stuck with it. I can only do what I can do, within the time that I have.”

She didn’t ignore anyone, and she didn’t let the vibe of the space get frantic.

Instead, she focused on helping one person at a time, giving them the same attention she would if there weren’t a store full of people.

She calmly moved from one personal exchange to the next, until everyone had been helped.

Then she began picking up dishes, clearing the desk and organizing bottles.

She focused on taking care of people. THEN, she put “things” in their place.

Of course that makes sense. But I couldn’t stop thinking about how often I do this backwards.

Social Media, SEO and business change every single day. No one person can even completely stay on top of everything, because there just aren’t enough hours in the day.

But magically, everything always gets done.

I know this. I just don’t always REMEMBER this.

So this week, I’m trying something different…

Instead of stressing out and frantically trying to “get it all done” as soon as possible, I’m going to choose my pace, and keep it.

This week,  I won’t check my email before 10a.m., because I’ve decided that from 8-10 I will dedicate myself to all of the writing I’ve been meaning to do but never seem to get around to.

This week, I will find time to walk around the park on a beautiful day, just because.

This week, I’m going to focus on meaningful interactions and experiences with the people I love.

Everything else can wait it’s turn.