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Walking through Prague was like being in a real-life fairytale.

We spent a lot of time wandering around the historic Old Town but stayed in a more local area called Vinohrady, where there were tons of bars and restaurants, and a cute outdoor market that was open almost every day.

Since we had a whole month in Prague, after quite a bit of bouncing around, I decided it was time to slow down a bit.

So I started doing slow things, like going out for coffee, sitting on a bench, and drinking that coffee (slowly) without looking at my phone or actively doing anything.

I sat at the wine bar downstairs from our apartment for hours, sipping wine and reading – wait for it – “Me, Myself, and Prague.”

I walked to WeWork, unhurried, while listening to music.

The 40-minute trek back was all uphill, which I lovingly referred to in my head as “bonus cardio” because I decided that everything – literally everything in Prague – was going to be sunshine and goddamn rainbows.


  • Bike Tour through the city: When I say “bike,” I mean an electric tricycle, which is way faster than a bike but not as intense as a scooter. We got to see the John Lennon Wall (aka the Freedom Wall), take a ride through Letna Park, around the Jewish quarter, and soak in the beautiful architecture and rich history shared with us along the way by our guide, Brian.
  • Birthday dinner @ Kampa Park Restaurant: This is the second time Lo has booked a Michelin Star restaurant for a special occasion, and honestly, I never thought we’d be Michelin people, but wow. They sure as shit don’t disappoint. We had views of the St. Charles Bridge, the river, and there just so happened to be an event happening, so we had front-row seats to live music, fire, and skydivers who managed to land – standing up – on a boat below.
  • Sunset music + beer @ Stalin Park: Our friend and Airbnb host, Kevin, invited us along for a hangout at Stalin Park, which overlooks the whole city of Prague, and at sunset… wow… it’s just breathtaking. Paired with good beer, a DJ, and being around/speaking to humans IRL for the first time in a long time – this was a really big highlight for me.
  • Beer Spa: Hear me out. Because I definitely thought the idea of soaking in a tub of beer sounded gross and sticky… but it turns out that beer does not make you sticky, and they heat it up so it feels nice, and hops are apparently really good for your skin! AND you get to drink unlimited beer the whole time.
  • Electric Sheep Book Bar: This underground cocktail bar + bookstore + meetup spot would literally be my home if I lived in Prague. We were greeted by a sweet 3-legged dog upon entry, and the cocktails were all ritzy show-stoppers: complete with absinthe spritzed from a perfume bottle, fruit pearls, and secret messages.
  • Ice Bar: Okay, it’s sounding like we went to a lot of bars in Prague… and I guess we did. The Ice Bar concept is something I’ve always wanted to try, and it was super cool but definitely a one-time kind of thing because it was obviously really cold.
  • Illusions Museum: This was so much fun… that’s kind of all I have to say about that one; check out the pics.

I was really surprised at just how much there is to see and do and experience in Prague. There’s a ton of nature but also ease of walkability and convenient access to city stuff. We didn’t even scratch the surface, and I already can’t wait to go back.

Next stop: Vienna.