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We visited Brussels for 3 weeks this Spring to pet sit for 2 French Bulldogs and a spirited cat named Amande.

The official language is French, and since the Belgians are a lot nicer and more patient than the Parisians, my basic French skills were enough to get us around, and I had fun getting to practice!

Unlike our pet sit in Amsterdam, these pets were older and had a lot of special needs, so we didn't get to explore quite as much or as long as we'd hoped; but we did learn a lot about what to look for in future pet sits.

A few of our favorite places & things we did:

Delirium Cafe

Delirium isn’t just a bar….it’s a miniature WORLD down a cute cobblestone alley, consisting of multiple beer bars (some of which you can get a meter of taster beers, which is a lot of fun and a great way to try out multiple tasty beers). We are HUGE fans of Belgian beer. Our pal Champ Superstar (who you might remember from the London blog) also made an appearance in Brussels while we were there, so we got to enjoy a meter of beer together here.


Atomium is a 102 meter tall modernist building designed in 1958 for the World’s Fair, consisting of 9 spheres which look like atoms. 6 of the spheres are accessible; one of which is dedicated to a bar and restaurant, which we absolutely made reservations at so that we could check out the space. As one of the tallest structures in Brussels by FAR, the views are beautiful.

Chocolate-making workshop

this is a MUST if it’s your first time visiting Brussels. Belgium is known for having the best chocolate in the world; and we got to find out why (I won’t spoil the secret here), and make some on our own to take home.

While in Brussels, Lo got a summons for a doctor appointment in Paris (this was part of our Visa process that we’d overlooked), so I requested to get one at the same time and the OFII office was nice enough to oblige.

So instead of going straight to Berlin, we had to detour to Paris for a few days to take care of business.

But since I’ve already posted about Paris, the next blog will be BERLIN!