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When you find yourself sitting and staring at your computer screen....

When 20 minutes have gone by and you go into a panic about how unproductive you’re being and wondering what you SHOULD be doing right now….only to realize the things you SHOULD be doing are the very things you’re trying to avoid…

So you check your email again.

You check Slack again.

You scroll through Facebook.

You find a “quick task” to check off so that you can feel like you’ve done SOMETHING….

30 more minutes have gone by.

You could continue this cycle all day….OR you could step AWAY from your computer.

Set a 30-minute timer on your phone or watch and go do a thing…

Here are some ideas:
  • Go for a walk. (If you have a dog, take them with you. You can also listen to music or a podcast to keep your mind off of work during your walk.)
  • Pick one room in your house and tidy/clean for 30 mins (You’ll be shocked at how much you can get done in that amount of time AND how a clear space = a clearer brain.)
  • Call someone you love.
  • Meditate.
  • Do a quick workout.
  • Crank the music and dance.

After the 30 mins is up, get back on your computer.

Set a 10-minute timer and check email, slack, notifications etc. and only reply to what’s pressing.

Then, set a 30-minute timer and make a list of ALL THE THINGS you “should” do that you are avoiding.

Are there things on that list that are vague pipedreams that have no sense of urgency?

Move those to a “someday” list.

Are there things you need more info on in order to complete?

Send out slacks, emails, or tasks to team members and clients to get that info.

Now schedule a 2-hour block on your calendar within the next week to KNOCK THE QUICK SHIT OUT.

There’s no use in forcing it when you’re not in the mood.

AND, you’ll get things done faster when you’re in a more focused place.

Lastly: check that list one more time and see if there’s anything that qualifies as a “big project.”

Give every big project a 2-hour time block on your calendar as well.

BONUS ROUND: Assess how you’re feeling once your lists are organized.

Maybe you want to take another 30 minutes to clean another room, go for a walk, or zen out for a bit.

Or maybe, while scheduling one of your ‘projects,’ you suddenly got inspired with an idea and want to get it all down…

Give yourself permission to float where your energy wants to go.

Remember that NO ONE can be hyperproductive every single day.

When you need this kind of day, take this kind of day.

And when you’re feeling super productive and energized to knock shit out – go HAM – because you’re essentially gifting yourself that rest time for later in the week.