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Lo and I are leaving on December 5th for a 1-year trip to Europe and the British Virgin Islands for the adventure of a lifetime...

For the past 10+ years, I’ve been building and growing my own location-agnostic business with the idea of eventually being able to live and work from anywhere.

We’ve built a truly amazing team of leaders at Conversations Digital. I trust and know they will continue to do great work for our clients so that Lo and I can work fewer hours as we explore the world.

And while we’ve been planning to do something like this for a decade, the decision happened really quickly.

On August 16, 2022, our dog Roux passed away.

She was our everything and came everywhere with us. She loved hiking, beaches, and chasing squirrels. And no matter what we were doing – she always made things more fun.

There have been so many synchronicities that have made us feel the tug of leaving America…but losing Roux was the final push.

And an incredible adventure seems like a fitting way to honor her memory.

So here's the plan (so far):

We’re kicking things off with a 7-day sailing trip through the British Virgin Islands through this really cool group we’ve been following called “Unsettled.”

From there, we are headed to Scotland to spend a month exploring old architecture, the unique cocktail scene, and do lots of hiking through beautiful scenery.

Next up: Paris and then the South of France (probably). I also really want to go to Lisbon, Barcelona, and Amsterdam…

In May, we plan to visit our dear friend and coworker Ljiljana in Rijeka Croatia (her birthday and mine are really close together), and travel with her to Italy for a food tour.

Our goal is to travel as sustainably as possible, so we’re looking to focus on train travel throughout Europe rather than air travel whenever possible.

We’ve also joined a site called Trusted House Sitters to offset our cost of stays.

(Basically, you stay in homes for free while taking care of people’s pets, plants etc. It’s really cool.)

And if you’re reading this thinking “that doesn’t even sound like a PLAN, much less an itinerary…” you are correct.

We have no idea what we are doing.

Which is probably the most exciting part.

We can’t even imagine all the places we will discover, which ones we will fall in love with, and where we’ll want to spend more (or less) time.

“Don’t plan too far ahead” has been a huge theme in the travel blogs we’ve read and travelers we’ve spoken to.

That and “take what you’re going to pack and cut it in half. Then cut that in half and it’s still too much.” (Thanks Aly🙂 )

There’s also no plan for “what’s next” after the trip is over.

And while we do NOT plan on trying to become ‘digital nomad influencers’ (1. Because the space is saturated and 2. We have no idea what we are doing 3. We want to really live in the moment), we WILL be sharing updates here and there via this blog and Instagram.

Stay tuned!