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After 3 flights from Long Beach to Tampa; I finally arrived in St. Petersburg Florida to spend a week with my friend and COO of my company, Colleen.
It was a 12-hour travel day with no substantial layovers, but Colleen picked me up with a cooler full of drinks and a bacon + blue cheese burger from World of Beer in Tampa. This was just the beginning of a full week of her spoiling me rotten….
I stayed in Bermuda Bay at Colleen and Kasey’s rental apartment (which is so nice and quite and comfy and just STEPS from a private beach).

But wait - we got lots of work done too!

I LOVE working remotely and having a fully remote team, able to work asynchronously.
But wow have I missed the power of in-person collaboration.
Colleen and I got some intense strategic planning done in this BEAUTIFUL office space.
After work, we made our way to the fire station (Station 33) where Colleen’s fiance Kasey works, and they took us up in the basket ladder (technical term) 50 feet in the air.
Then, we met up with some New Orleans friends downtown Gulfport for sunset, dinner & drinks.
NEXT STOP: The British Virgin Islands for a 1-week sailing adventure with Unsettled!
See ya later!